Human Resources
To lead Mongolia and compete globally
Human Resource Policy
To build an outstanding team
by creating a positive working environment for our valued staff and employees
and prioritizing their needs
Hiring Process
As our hiring process prioritizes equal rights and willingness, our company’s doors will always be open to anyone who applies for a job.
1.1. Job application screening process
2.First stage interview
3.Competency test
4.Second stage interview
5. Hiring decision
Employee Benefits
Pleasant Work Space
Healthy work space equipped with the latest technology and equipment
Provision and Discounts
Staff lunch, deduction of phone bills and transport fees, discounts for purchase of stationery and brand products
Social insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, vehicle insurance
Company loans, support in obtaining loans from banks
Education and Scholarships
Specialization courses, capacity-building training and workshops, discounted English language courses
State and Company Awards,
Employee of the Year award (overseas holiday),
the Director’s Award,
Top Performance Recognition Award,
Financial Support
-Financial support to be provided for the death of a family member, accident, and health issues
-Paid paternity leave
Social Events
-Arts and sports events,
-Competitions that promote personal development and career growth,
-Events during public holidays such as New Year’s Eve and Children’s Day,
-Corporate summer outing and other social events